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Creator: XiuhcoatlSlayer#5248
Type: Economy/Roleplay
Default Prefix: ++ (customizable using ++prefix command)

JobsBot is a roleplay/economy based Discord bot where the goal is to make lots of money, and then spend that money to make even more money! With five different jobs to choose from to appeal to a variety of users, you can choose one of the jobs and begin to gather resources. You can then either sell those resources for money, or convert them to other, more rare items. You can also craft certain items too! Voting earns you rewards in the form of items, conversion tickets, or maids, which can automatically bring you in money without you needing to do anything! In the future, there will be businesses that you can create or join to play with your friends! There are a ton of planned features for the bot. Frequent updates will be had in the future! Join the support server for bonuses, giveaways, and more!


DBL | Invite JobsBot | Support Server | JobsBot Website


A full list of commands can be found on the JobsBot Website

Command Alias(es) Permission Description
help N/A Everyone Shows all JobsBot commands & their descriptions.
daily N/A Everyone Gain free money once per day.
profile p Everyone Shows your profile.
level N/A Everyone Shows your xp and level.
balance bal / b / economy / e / wallet Everyone Shows how much money you have.
jobslist jobs Everyone Lists all joinable jobs.
jobsjoin jj Everyone Joins the job you specify.
jobsleave jle Everyone Leaves your current job.
choosepet cp Everyone Allows you to choose a pet.
propose marry Everyone Asks a user to marry you.
divorce N/A Everyone Divorces your current spouse.
convert N/A Everyone Converts common items into rare items.
inventory i / inv / backpack / bp Everyone Shows your current items.
pay N/A Everyone Pays a user the specified amount of money.
sell N/A Everyone Sells items for money.
maids maid Everyone Displays maid amount.
buystocks buystock / bstocks / bstock Everyone Allows you to buy stocks.
sellstocks sellstock / sstocks / sstock Everyone Allows you to sell stocks.
stocks stocks Everyone Shows your current stocks.
jobsshop js Everyone Shows information/costs about leveling up job items.
itemupgrade iu / iupgrade Everyone Upgrades your item to the next level.
jobsitem ji Everyone Displays your job's item's level.
mine N/A Everyone Mines for stone or diamonds.
chop N/A Everyone Chops trees for wood and fruits.
fish N/A Everyone Fish for fish, trash, or treasure.
stream N/A Everyone Streams minutes of your video game.
write N/A Everyone Pick up your pencil and write.