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Creator: Ittim#1814
Type: Economy/Level/Roleplay
Default Prefix: {}

MRVN is used as an activity tracker, as it gives xp based off of messages similar to MEE6. MRVN has an economy for users so they can earn daily money and try to top the leaderboards. The difference between MRVN and MEE6, is that all of MRVN's databases are global. This means that you'll have the same level, same money, and same cooldowns in every server you go to. Whereas MEE6 is server based. Currently MRVN's development has been dropped, so for the time being do not expect any future updates unless stated otherwise by Ittim.


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Command Alias(es) Permission Description
Help Commands, CMDS Everyone Gives useful info about all of MRVN's commands.
Credits Balance, BAL Everyone Shows the balance of the user who ran the command.
Daily N/A Everyone Collects daily reward for user, if possible.
Level EXP, XP Everyone Shows the level & xp of the user who ran the command, along with the xp needed to level up.
Profile N/A Everyone Shows the balance, level, & xp of the user who ran the command.
XPLeaderboard XPLB Everyone Shows the Top 10 users based off their level & displays their XP.
CLeaderboard CLB Everyone Shows the Top 10 users based off their credit balance.
Stats Top Everyone Shows combined stats for all guilds the bot is in.
Ping N/A Everyone Shows the latency of the API.
Uptime UP Everyone Shows how long the bot has been running for.
Status N/A Everyone Shows the status of MRVN.
Information Info Everyone Gives general info about MRVN.