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Creator: D4RKAR117#0135
Type: Music/Gaming/Server Utilities
Default Prefix: s!

Stalkerbot is designed to provide the best user experience possible,as time goes on we will be adding new and exciting features; built from scratch, the bot will evolve over time, so join the community and give suggestions to help the bot proceed further, all ideas are welcome. Some of the current features of the bot are: listening to music from any title or playlist on youtube, and being able to see the avatars of the members of your server. Currently we are working on playback in the livestreams on youtube.


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Command Alias(es) Permission Description
Help N/A Everyone Shows a list of all of Stalker's Commands.
Ping N/A Everyone Shows user & API latency.
Avatars N/A Everyone Shows user's avatar in an embed, along with a link to download it.
Nick N/A MANAGE_NICKNAMES Changes the bots nickname.
Play N/A Everyone Plays given song.
Skip N/A Everyone Skips current song.
Pause N/A Everyone Pauses current song.
Resume N/A Everyone Resumes current song.
Join N/A Everyone Joins voice channel user is in.
Leave N/A Everyone Leaves voice channel it is in.
np N/A Everyone Gives info on the current song.
Clear N/A Everyone Clears all songs from queue.
Back N/A Everyone Goes back to the last song.