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TycoonMogul TycoonMogul


Creator: Ittim#1814
Type: Economy/Roleplay
Default Prefix: TM (customizable using TMsetprefix command)

TycoonMogul is a tycoon style bot taking inspiration from IdleRPG and Jobsbot. TycoonMogul starts with the user simply creating their tycoon, & and starts the money generation. After that, you must simply wait for the money to generate, then use it to increase your tycoon’s level in order to make more money and find achievements along the way. Achievements are a huge part of the bot, and getting achievements awards different amounts of money for difficulty in getting it, which ranges from Easy to Extreme. TycoonMogul also allows you to create an alliance to join up with your friends and in the future will allow for money boosting and helping everyone out!

Want TycoonMogul to be able to see a channel, but not allow users to run commands? Just type <TM:noCMD> into the topic or description, and TycoonMogul won't respond to any commands, but users will still earn XP!

Want to know TycoonMogul's prefix on your server? Simply ping or mention it!


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Command Alias(es) Permission Description
Help Commands, CMDS Everyone Gives useful info about all of TM's commands.
SetPrefix N/A ADMINISTRATOR Changes the prefix for the server, can only be run by users with Admin perms.
Profile UserInfo Everyone Displays your profile.
Level XP Everyone Displays level & xp of the user.
Money Balance, BAL, account balance Everyone Shows your account balance.
Daily N/A Tycoon Owners Collects daily reward for you, if possible.
Flip N/A Everyone Gambles up to 50K, with a 50% chance of winning double back!
TycoonCreate TCreate Everyone Creates a Tycoon, the first step of many.
TycoonType TType Everyone Declares what type of tycoon you're running(cosmetic only).
TycoonLevelUp TLevel, TLevelUp Everyone Levels up your tycoon, increasing money generation & daily rewards!
TycoonDelete TDelete Everyone Deletes a Tycoon, cause why not?
TycoonRename TRename Everyone Allows you to rename your Tycoon.
Tycoon N/A Everyone Shows info about your Tycoon.
Collect N/A Tycoon Owners Collects the money you've earned from your Tycoon.
Pay Give Everyone Pays another user from your balance.
AllianceCreate ACreate Everyone Creates an Alliance, the first step to join users together!
AllianceRename Arename Alliance Leader Renames your alliance.
AllianceDescription ADesc, ADescription Alliance Leader Sets your alliance description.
AllianceDelete ADelete Alliance Leader Deletes your alliance.
AllianceInvite AInvite, ARecruit Alliance Leader, Officer & Deputy Invites other users to your Alliance!
AllianceLeave ALeave Alliance Officer, Deputy & Member Leaves your Alliance!
AllianceKick AKick Alliance Leader, Officer & Deputy Invites other users to your Alliance!
AllianceMembers AMembers Alliance Members Lists all members of your alliance!
AlliancePromote APromote Alliance Leader & Alliance Officer Promotes an Alliance member.
AllianceDemote ADemote Alliance Leader & Alliance Officer Demotes an Alliance member.
Alliance N/A Alliance Members Shows info about an Alliance.
Marry Propose Non-Married Users Proposes to another user.
Divorce N/A Married Users Divorces you & your spouse.
Leaderboard lb Everyone Displays specified leaderboard.
Ping N/A Everyone Shows the latency of the API & latency of the bot.
Cooldown CD, CDs, Cooldowns Everyone Lists all your current cooldowns.
Status N/A Everyone Shows the RAM & Uptime of TycoonMogul.
Support N/A Everyone Shows the links to this page & the support server.
Vote N/A Everyone Displays the link to vote for the bot, as well as tells the user if they can vote.
Achievements Awards, trophies, badges Everyone Lists all achievements.
Invite N/A Everyone Displays TycoonMogul's Invite Link